A Guide to Farming Giant’s Keep: Building A Farmable GB10 Team

Giant’s Keep, Basement 10 is one of the most important areas in Summoner’s War. In order to progress through the game, you’ll need access to the runes it drops. Summoner’s War is all about runes, and GB10 gives you early access to some of the best runes in the game. The drop rates are pretty high, too, especially considering how fast you can complete each run.

Your First GB10 Farm Team

This GB10 team guide won’t focus on hard-to-obtain monsters that you might not have access to. Instead, we’ll focus on building a farmable GB10 team that any player should be able to assemble. The most optimal giants farm teams might involve multiple Lushens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start running GB10 with a more reasonable setup first.

So what’s the best Summoners War Giants B10 farmable team? The team most experts recommend is Veromos, Belladeon, Shannon, Bernard, and a fifth monster of your choice. It’s a good idea to start off with a healer or a support type in your last slot, but if you’ve got strong runes you can use a damage dealer to make things go a bit faster. Sigmarus is a great addition and can be used as your team’s leader, too.

If you’ve got access to Guild Shop monsters, one team that you can consider is Akhamamir (as leader), Sigmarus, Veromos, Shannon, Bernard. This team will require a lot of investment when it comes to runes, but it’s one of the faster farmable teams around in terms of clear speed. You’ll be able to clear GB10 in about 2 minutes with this farmable GB10 team.

If you’re a F2P player, consistency is more important than speed. Focus on building a team that can auto-farm GB10 with a high success rate instead of worrying about your clear times. Consider Ahman, Chasun, Darion, or Konamiya for your last slot, and adjust your team until it can clear GB10 in its sleep. Finally, Arang is another monster that you may want to consider — she’s pretty easy to get and deals a deceptively high amount of damage. Don’t go too far out of your way to fuse her, however. You need to pay attention to other monsters on your team, too.

If you want to get your clear times down you’ll definitely want Lushen and Galleon. These monsters can be hard to obtain, but they’re powerhouses in any GB10 team. If you want to be able to complete this area in less than a minute, you’ll definitely want a Galleon and at least one Lushen.

Another monster to look out for is Orochi. It can be tricky to build a team around this damage dealer at first, but once you’ve gotten your sustain worked out he’ll absolutely demolish the boss. He’s a great leader on many teams, too.

In fact, your basic farmable team has plenty of sustain. Adding a single Galleon, Lushen, or Orochi to your GB10 team can cut your clear times significantly. Be sure to run the right mix of runes to keep these new, squishy monsters alive.

The Role of Agencies In eSports

Why is the eSports industry becoming popular? Why more people are investing on the eSports? The eSports industry is gaining more popularity in the last couple of years. The streamers are gaining prominence and the celebrities and popular brands are taking interest in the sponsorship. This status opens the door for the people who act as the middlemen to bridge the gap between craft arrangement and the parties where the brands think they are making money and the streamers believe that they are finding new resources for the income.

This idea helped to flourish Flood Interactive’s eSports Agency, this agency played an important role between eSports talent and the marketing of this game. The Flood Interactive’s eSports Agency provides many kinds of the help such as the sponsorship acquisition, branding guidance, negotiation, and relationship suggestions. Brands are offered proprietary analytics, talent sporting and management, program development and the execution for the tracking the performance. The flood agency was started to promote the eSports and to make it popular with all the required supports. Through this flood agency, you can get all the resources to make profits from the eSports.

What is the role of Flood Interactive’s Agency in the eSports?

Though eSports industry is getting popularity and success in the last couple of years, but still this game lacks professional representation for the athletes and for the games content producers. Many of them are below the age of the twenty-five and they do not have the required skill and experience to translate their specific talents and skills into the meaningful income stream. At this situation, flood agency comes to help them in a more significant manner. The flood agency introduced into the eSports industry at a time when there was no such support system for the athletes and content producers.

The flood agency mainly focuses on the two major problems in eSports. First, it helps the athletes and the content producers to get their deserving revenue streams. The direct sponsorship and team salaries do not replicate the value being created. Second, flood agency helps those people who are not marketing their talents to create new options of revenue streams. They are unaware of those marketing strategies and promotional techniques. In these conditions, flood agency helps them in a great way to get the maximum profits from their talents.

When eSports athletes and producers are struggling with some major issues, flood agency came to the existence to meet the gap and offer more opportunities to make money. The objective of this agency is to share the revenue of the eSports with the content producers and athletes.

When and why Flood Agency was introduced into the eSports industry

Flood agency was an idea that came into the mind of a financial sector veteran Goldberg, who decided to leave his job and to work for his passion for promoting eSports and for helping the athletes and content producers to earn more from this industry. He had the confidence that there are many more opportunities in the eSports and one can truly utilize his talents to earn a big through this process.He started the agency without any guarantee of the success, but still it helped him to be a successful entrepreneur and to contribute to the growth of the eSports.

The founder of the flood agency dreamed to achieve a big and to contribute to the success of the eSports industry as he was working in the financial sectors for the fourteen years and he was involved with the data sciences and analytical procedures that helped him to be a good fit in this new role. He used all the data analytic, strategic, and operational skills to help the athletes and content producers to get more deserving revenue from the eSports.

Hs started the flood agency with the idea of working with the eSports and to understand the financial growth and others perspectives of this popular game. He thought he will operate this business for a couple of years and then he will hand over to someone else and he will join any suitable job. But when he started the flood agency, he realized that it has many more opportunities for the growth and he can utilize his skill in this industry in a more profitable manner. He started enjoying his job and contributed to the profits and success of the athletes and producers.

Before the flood agency, there was no such dedicated agency that could have performed a role of the middlemen between the eSports, the athletes, and content producers. This agency helped those people to know more about their earning potential.

Goldberg was not confident about his success as he did not have any stronghold in this business and he did not have any idea about the strategies and techniques of this industry as well. He took it as a challenge and used his analytical and financial skill to learn from this process.

With the due course, it helped him to understand the complexities and possibilities in this game and he started to work from the different perspectives and finally helped the deserving people to get more profits from this game.

What was the game plan?

Flood agency is comparatively a new origin. It has to go far to fulfill the objectives and to get the desired success in this industry. But within such a short period, it has created its own space and has gathered the attention of the athletes and sports fans.

When it comes to the game plan, they are trying to help and inspire the athletes to make money from their talents. The agency wants to help them to get their deserving revenue. They focus on some simple things such as the bigger sponsorships, more pro players, and greater prize tools. In this way, they will promote the eSports and will help the athletes.

As the eSports is becoming more popular, it is getting much of the surplus revenue, these values might flow to the athlete and the teams after a period of time. The Flood Agency is banking on this new trend and trying to set its feet in this industry.

Comprehensive ESO Guide to Help You Get Started

The Elder Scrolls Online also known as ESO is an MMO game set in the Elder Scrolls game universe. ESO was announced in May 2012 and released for Mac and PC on April 2014. On June 2015, the game was released on Xbox One and PlayStation.

The Elder of Scrolls Online is an excellent game that boasts many deep complex systems, which are also incredibly simple and easy for new players. The content is plentiful; the controls are tight, and the experience is great. The jump from its original release to the new version “Tamriel Unlimited “gave way to its substantial amount of upgrading and retooling. Players have now the option to explore the world of Tamriel with almost unlimited bounds, disregarding player level with this new version.

Elder of scroll, just like a lot of MMO’s, can be quite daunting at first. The game throws a lot of decisions to you as a new player right away with only minimal explanations. Get the best eso guide for new players to assist you to get started on your journey.

What Class Should I Pick?

Classes in eso are pre-made character roles that are equipped with equipment and skills geared within their intended purpose within an adventuring party. Most of the traditional MMO’s have restrictive class systems that are geared towards forcing the player into a tank-dpd-heals choice of role. The eso is, however, keeping with the solo of offering classes as a general starting point rather than absolute. As such, the player is free to choose what type of armor to use, and all classes will be able to use any weapon.

Do not let the unusual names for ESO’s character classes fool you. They are pretty similar to classes you’ve met in many other MMO’s. Here is a rough summary of each:

– Nightblade

This is a stealthy assassin that can disable enemies or drain health from them. It is equivalent to WOW’s Rogues.

– DragonKnight

It is a strong close quarter fighters that can also do wildfire magic. Comparable to Death Knights or Warriors in World of Warcraft.

– Templar

A holy warrior that can use their magic to punish enemies or heal allies. Equivalent to WOW’s Holy Priests or Paladins.

What’s The Best Race for my Class?

Races determine your starting area and character’s allegiance in Elder Scrolls Online. Because of how adaptable each class is, it’s kind of tough to single out one race as being the best choice for each. Check the tooltips for each and every race at character creation as they will mention what sort of bonuses each race can receive. Then choose one that sounds like it will probably conform to the plans you have for that class. For example, if you are planning to make your Dragon Night into a tank, a good choice for that might be Orc thanks to their heavy armor and bonuses.

Though most importantly, choose a race that you do not mind looking at it. You could just end up staring at this character for hours and hours. If you think Argonians look stupid, don’t simply pick one, only because they’ve got a healing bonus.


Factions determine your characters allegiance and the starting area in Elder Scrolls Online. Depending on what you choose, you will pick a race for your character and set forth within a specific zone. You will be in a position to explore and complete quests across all factions irrespective of your initial choice, but what will never change is your PvP allegiance.

What Alliance Should I Join?

If you did not pre-order the game, your choice of an alliance is restricted based on the race. That makes the decision much easier. But anyone who had purchased the game before its launch doesn’t have such a limitation. The group that bought it later will have to spend more time staring at the character creation screen.

There are actually no concrete advantages or disadvantages to joining any alliance. For instance, you can decide to pick Daggerfall because its name sounds cool. That’s about as intellectual as you can be with the decision.


In Elder Scrolls Online, there three different skills. Ultimate Abilities, Passive abilities and Active abilities. As the game aims to offer build flexibility to you as the player, skills are determined by several factors: Class, Race, Weapon, Alliance, Guild and World. A player can have one Ultimate skill, Five Active skills and as many Passive skills as he/she may wish at one time. Players can also rank up each skill to increase further its effectiveness to a maximum level of four, and in some cases morph them into new abilities. Players obtain skill points from completing certain quests, leveling up and acquiring Skyshards from across Tamriel.

Experience works in a different way compared to other MMO’s. When a player possesses a skill of particular tree on his or her skillbar, when he or she gains experience, that skill gains experience too along with the skill line it belongs to. In this way, it is entirely possible to rank up skills you never use, or in some other cases, cannot. Ranks in the Armor skills are obtained through wearing at least one piece of that armor type. It is also possible to simultaneously rank up all types of armor by wearing one piece of each type.

Where are The Weapons

Weapons in ESO can be crafted, be found in chests, a drop from bonuses, acquired from PvP’s rewards bags, acquired from vendors or be rewarded in pledge chests. Please note that armor and crafted weapons have a slightly higher damage value than others in the game. Their values are roughly two levels higher than their other counterparts.

Bottom Line

There a lot more features I could mention about Elder Scrolls Online. I could tell you about the controllers, where to get the PvP, how to use lockpicks among other things. However, these things are all best experienced while exploring the game. What I have mentioned above is enough to get you started on the incredible journey of Elder Scrolls Online. In general, Elder Scrolls Online has always been about the beauty of exploration.

Revealing surprising gameplay or interesting story plots will almost feel like spoiling it. When all these is said and done, the Elder Scroll Online is well worth the purchase.